Info for Artists

Using Flickr

All we want from you are photos, scans or videos uploaded to our Flickr group called ‘Red Line Art Works’. Your photo files should be jpegs, preferably of small to medium size (i.e. about 600-800 pixels on the longest side). For Help with uploading videos, once you have joined Flickr (see below), take a look at this page :

You can only put your image into our Flickr Group if you have first created your own personal Flickr account and then put your image into it. This is Free, and easy to do. Follow these steps :

1. Go to the website ‘’. Then find the Menu item ‘Sign Up’ (at the top of the webpage) and click on it. You will be asked to enter your Email address and a Password for your new Flickr account. If you already have a Google or Facebook account then you can use them to sign in. Once you have signed up you are a Flickr Member. Flickr has its own ‘Help’ system, accessible from the Menu at the top of the page. All the help you need to start using Flickr and to get your images online can be found in Flickr ‘Help’.

Flickr refers to all of your uploaded images as your ‘Photostream’. Your Free Flickr account allows you to have up to 200 images in your Photostream at any one time.

2. You can upload your images to your Photostream using any one of Flickr’s upload tools (find them here at : Flickr allows you to upload large files but we recommend you upload small or medium-sized jpegs (i.e. 600-800 pixels along the longest side) - its quicker.

3. Whenever you upload one of your images, please add a caption or title and also some brief description - if you want to say anything about it. If you want to you can also add details of yourself, your website address if you have one, etc. (This is all optional)

4. Then, also add the Tag “RedLineArtWorks” (no spaces) to ensure that it can be found by any online search engine, such as Google, or by people searching within Flickr.

5. After you have uploaded at least one image into your Photostream find the Menu item ‘Groups’ at the top of the page and select this. Then type ‘RedLineArtWorks’ into the search box, click on ‘Groups’, then click on ‘Search’. This will take you to the ‘Red Line Art Works’ collection of images called the 'Group Pool'). The Menu here gives you the option to ‘Join This Group’ by simply clicking on a button.

6. Once you have joined our Group, the Menu will then show you various options, for example : you can view the Group’s image pool, participate in ‘Discussions’, and also add images of your own whenever you want by selecting ‘Add photos’. Once you have added a photo, don't forget to add the Tag “RedLineArtWorks" (no spaces), so your image can be found by search engines.