Info for Artists


If you allow us to show any of your images on this website, you will retain the full Intellectual Property Rights to them. Red Line Art Works is not seeking to take any of your rights, in any circumstances.

If you put an image into our Flickr Group we might then decide that we would like to use it on this website. In that event we will contact you and ask for your permission.

We actively promote the Red Line Art Works project (e.g including through the Arts world and through the press and media). So, if we want to use one of your images for this purpose we will first seek your permission.

Your image might be mischevious or provocative but Red Line Art Works cannot be held responsible for any risks you may take in creating or showing your pictures.

As Flickr and our website are public we must reserve the right to exclude or remove anything which is offensive, abusive, exploitative or misappropriated.

Whatever your chosen artform or medium, all we want you to do is send us an image or other piece of work in a form we can include on this website, or upload an image or video to our Flickr Group. By doing this you confirm that it is your own original work and that you are legally entitled to use it in this way.

By doing this you have not transferred any of your rights to us, they remain entirely yours.