Get Involved

There are various ways you might want to get involved in Red LIne Art Works. Below are some examples. We are also open to any other ideas you may have about making links, connections and partnerships.

Please contact us about any of the ideas below via 'Contact Us' or by sending an Email to us :

1. Contribute some of your own Red Line Art Works

Firstly, have a look at 'Show Your Work Here'. We can only include works that fit this brief (but it is very wide-ranging). You can send jpeg or other files to us as attachments to an Email : If we use your work on this website then we will always credit you and add a link from this site to your own online presence, if you wish. You will retain all of your intellectual property rights in your work, we only wish to show the work on this website. If we have an exhibition coming up and we select your work to be exhibited then we will ask for your permission well in advance.

2. Find New Art Works by Others

If you see a piece of art work somewhere which you think reflects the themes of Red Line Art Works (in any art form or creative media) then please put its creator in touch with us, or send us their details so we can contact them. And if you know other artists (in any art form or creative media) please let them know about Red Line Art Works.

3. Help us Contact Arts Groups

Do you know an arts group, a group of students on an arts course or in creative media, or a community arts groups, a group of photographers or filmmakers, painters, performance artists, songwriters or cartoonists, etc (we are open to all art forms and creative media). If so, then please let us know. We contact arts groups all over the world, and invite their members to contribute to Red Line Art Works.

4. Translate for Us

We are a UK-based global project, communicating with artists around the world. However, we operate in English and therefore need volunteer translators to help our communications with artists in a variety of languages. If you have a language skill and want to help out occasionally, then please let us know and become one of our volunteer translators.

5. Write a Short Article or Suggest an Example of Art Work for our ‘Art & Politics’ section

The aim of our 'Art & Politics' section is quite simple – to show that artists (in all art forms) across different historical periods and cultures have engaged with big political issues in their work, in a wide variety of ways. You can see the sort of (short) articles we use in our 'Art & Politics' section.

This subject has endless potential. So, we are always open to more topics and we welcome articles from you. Maybe you have studied a particular artist, or art form, creative media, new media or a specific piece of art work and you think it reflects the themes of Red Line Art Works ? If so, then could you describe it and how it engages with big political issues or concerns ? Or, could you write about a specific art group, art movement, art event or exhibition and how it has engaged with the big concerns ?

We prefer summaries or digests up to about 300 words length, plus visuals such as pictures or videos, or audio files. Please let us know in advance if you want to submit a bigger piece. You can send us an Email at : It always helps us a lot if you can send us specific information, e.g. the artist's contact details, website or email address, title(s) of the work, or an online source where we can see / hear the work.

6. Write an Introduction to a Big Global Concern

Are you a writer, researcher, activist, or a cultural commentator ? Do you have specialist knowledge of a big global concern which you would like to write about ? Or would you like to add to something we have already written about big global concerns ? Have a look at our Global Concerns pages to see the type of summary articles we can use. Please stick to the big global issues - again we prefer about 300 words length.

7. Help us with Exhibitions

(a) We are always interested in opportunities to Exhibit Red Line Art Works. If you (or someone you know) would like to organise or host an Exhibition then please contact us by Email to discuss.

(b) Our themes are international, so if you are involved in an international organisation or agency which might wish to host an Exhibition of Red Line Art Works, or make a link with us, then please contact us by Email to explore this.

8. Help us Identify Funding Opportunities or Partners

Developing Red Line Art Works as a global arts project involves a variety of tasks, some costly, so please let us know if you can suggest funding opportunities or potential funding Partners. We are strongly focused on ethical principles, so that is reflected in our relationships with funding partners, sponsors and contributors, etc.

9. Make a Donation

Donations contribute to the costs of developing Red Line Art Works. All donations over £100 will receive one piece of Red Line Art Work. Currently, you will receive a large colour print (approx. 400mm x 300mm) of the photo 'Remember Bluebell Woods' (you can see it here in our Main Gallery) by Chris Greenwood, the Founder and Curator of Red Line Art Works.

10. Send us an important Link

You are welcome to send us a Link to an Arts Organisation or a Global Concern if you think it would be a strong addition to those we already have on this website. You can check our existing Links here.

11. Arrange some Media Coverage of Red Line Art Works

If you are in the press or media, or want to write an article or review, or do an interview then please contact us for help. If you wish to receive our Press Releases, then you need to register with us as a 'Press and Media Contact', so please send us an Email stating your role. We will add you to our list and you will then receive all our Press Releases, updates, and other information.

12. Contribute a Piece of Your Own Red Line Art Work to our Permanent Collection

We have a growing Permanent Collection, kindly contributed by artists, and this helps us when we have Exhibitions, whenever and wherever needed. Of course, we also invite other Red Line Art Works into our Exhibitions. If you are interested in contributing to our Permanent Collection then please do contact us by Email.

Lastly, we welcome any other ideas you have for the positive development of Red Line Art Works. Please contact us via 'Contact Us' or by sending us an Email :