Humanity faces an unprecedented global emergency with our self-created climate catastrophe and the extinction of many species - including us humans.

'Red Line Art Works' is a home for art works which reflect on the big global concerns, the state of our world and the lack of global justice.

Our global audience welcomes art with a conscience, art that reflects these big problems - art that critiques the global status quo.

Here you can see several hundred art works (of all kinds), from over 40 countries - and these numbers are rising.

We invite you to show your works on this website (see here to find out how), or get involved in other ways (more here).

We are open to all artists, makers, creatives and performers worldwide, in any art form or creative media, for example :
NOTE : All artworks contributed to us will automatically be considered for our annual Red Line Art Works Awards, more here.

You could start with a look at our Galleries section to see the work submitted by artists on a wide range of themes.

Or you could have a look at our Global Concerns section, if you want some ideas to 'trigger' your thinking.

Our Links pages connect you to the websites of :

- Our Contributors (artists and creative people from all over the world)

- Selected Arts bodies and organisations

- Websites of organisations actively interested in or working to tackle the big global concerns.

See our Art & Politics section for many examples of how the arts and politics have interacted, across generations and geography.

And, if you know other artists and creative people, please let them know about Red Line Art Works.