Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ 1 – Why Red Line Art Works ?

Red has a variety of associations and possible meanings, some obvious, some not. These differ in cultures around the world, and across history. You might sometimes hear people say that something is a 'Red Line', beyond which they will not go. That is the way we feel about the current state of the world.

We do not wish to continue without registering (in our art works) the dangerous global situation which our so called 'leaders' (e.g. in politics, economics, etc) have lead us into. See 'Global Concerns' here for some examples. We want a better world and we want our art works in some way to register OUR Red Lines. We are looking for art with a conscience.

However, we are not giving you a prescription for your art work, we want to see your own creative thoughts and interpretations. If you wish to use a red line in some way then please feel free - this is optional.

There are plenty of creative possibilities for you to investigate, explore and exploit. There are many opportunities for every degree of subtlety and poetics. See the Main Gallery for some examples.

FAQ 2 - Exactly what sort of art work can I send to Red Line Art Works ?

Any sort of art work - but it must be art with a conscience. Please follow your usual creative interests and use your talents to create whatever kind of work you want in any art form or creative media you wish. The definite requirement is that your piece of work must embody or reflect concern about the big global issues faced by humanity, and our planet. 'Show Your Work Here'. Also, have a look at our Main Gallery for some examples.

The idea is that, whatever media you use in your work, you will contribute either a visual image of your art work (a photo, a scan or a video, or a link to your video if its already online, e.g. on YouTube or Vimeo, etc) OR a text file (of your writing), OR an audio file (of your music or sound, or a link if it is already online, e.g. on Soundcloud, etc).

If you perceive any constraints then send us an Email and we will sort out a way to accommodate your idea. Your work will then automatically be considered for our next Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works, and for our exhibitions in future.

FAQ 3 - My chosen artform or medium is not listed on the Red Line Art Works Home page, does that mean I can’t contribute ?

No ! We are most definitely open to artists and creative people using ALL artforms and creative media, e.g. mixed media, writing, installations, music and sound, performance, etc. However, don't forget, it should be related somehow to the big Global Concerns. Your work will automatically be considered for our next Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works, and for our exhibitions in future.

FAQ 4 - I’m a film-maker, can you include my work in Red Line Art Works ?

Yes. Our preferred option would be for you to first place your video on YouTube or Vimeo (or similar), and for you to then send us a link to this, so that we can see it. With your permission, we can then use the 'embed code' from there to make your video appear here on this website. OR send us an Email enquiry about what you wish to do and we will advise. Just ensure that your work relates somehow to big Global Concerns as described in 'Show Your Work Here'. Your work will automatically be considered for our next Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works, and for our exhibitions in future.

FAQ 5 - I'm a musician, songwriter or Band member, how can I get involved ?

The brief is the same for you as for all other artists and creative people (see 'Show Your Work Here'). Just send us an audio file of your music or sound (or send us a link if it is already online, e.g. on Soundcloud). If you wish, maybe you could include the 'red line' idea somehow in a song lyric or in the title of a piece of music. Or, if you are also thinking visually, then maybe you could use a red line in your artwork or imagery, or on stage. ? We'd love to hear from you ! Your work will automatically be considered for our next Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works, and for our exhibitions in future.

FAQ 6 – I'm not an artist or creative person but is there anything I can do to get involved ?

Yes, there a number of ways to get involved and play a valuable part. Have a look here for some ideas and contact us by Email. We look forward to hearing from you.

FAQ 7 - Will Red Line Art Works credit me if I contribute an image or piece of my work ?

Yes, we will always do that. You keep all the rights to your work, we are only interested in displaying it for the world to see. Please include your name and other details when you send us your image. However you get your file to us we will always credit you. If we decide to use your work on this website, in one of our Exhibitions - or in any other way we will write to you asking for your permission. Also, we will create a link from this website to your own Website, Blog or online presence (see our Links page to see the links to our Contributors).

FAQ 8 - What political campaigns does Red Line Art Works support ?

Red Line Art Works exists to encourage creative people to incorporate big global concerns into their creative thinking and their artworks. Red Line Art Works is a global arts project, not a political campaign - our currency is art and ideas. We admire thousands of campaigning groups around the world. They are doing a lot of hard work to improve global justice. They are covering just about all issues, and all ways of thinking about them. See our Links page for some that relate to big global concerns or to art. Of course, they reflect some of our values - and hopefully, some of yours too.

FAQ 9 – Why are you focusing only on the big global concerns ?

We don't focus only on those but we do focus mainly on them because :

(a) These big global problems now determine the lives and futures of every person on the planet – and indeed of ALL life on the planet. Despite that, in many nations and cultures there is a lack of awareness of these global realities. Most people are still focused mainly on the problems in their own countries or localities - and that is understandable. However, it is the big global problems that will hurt us all, and most of our 'leaders' in politics, the economy and the media don't want us to know what is happening. They want us to swallow their propaganda uncritically and be only dumb workers and consumers, saturated in materialism and focused only on work and money.

(b) Unfortunately, some parts of the ‘art world’ are integral with wealthy and powerful elites and simply reflect their elitist values. Honesty demands that we acknowledge that too many art institutions, museums and galleries around the world are guilty of this. We say more about 'What Can Art & Artists Do ?' in paragraphs 5-10 of 'Our Mission' here. Also, in some parts of the art world people are gullible, easily impressed and taken in by privileged elites or elitist values. Others never question the 'status quo' and prefer to look away from the big threats to the mass of the people and the planet, just wish to 'forget' about these things. You do not need to study art history to see that there have always been some artists who are very narcissistic. Some other artists (whatever language they may use to 'justify' their artistic interests) are simply creating expensive home decor for the planet's wealthiest people or businesses. Others are fixated on getting themselves embedded in the most elitist corners of the art world.

(c) However, many artists and creative people have much higher aims than these. They have a conscience and they seek to create art with a conscience, with an ethical and moral dimension. With their exceptional art and powerful voices they try to clarify, crystallise and communicate vital things directly to people everywhere – in a diversity of creative ways. Some already reflect the big global concerns as nobody else can by focusing on these in their art. Red Line Art Works is a home for Art and Artists who have the intelligence and wisdom to understand and critique the status quo, and the courage to make art with a conscience. Its hard to see what could be a more important role for art and creativity in the present era.

(d) Many local, regional and national issues around the world stem from the big global problems that we summarise here. Until these big problems are fixed a multitude of 'lower level' local, regional and national problems will persist - as well as all the big international problems. We know that some artists and creative people say all this too complex (they offer that as their 'excuse' for leaving conscience out of their art), so we don't try on this website to explain everything or to simplify it all. We do provide summaries of this global complexity to help you get things into focus more easily. In any case, you may only want to focus on one or more big global concern.

(e) We know we cannot rely on local, regional or national politicians and mainstream media to inform us truly about these big global concerns. They and their entrenched vested interests play such a big role in causing and covering up the big problems that we should not expect them to give us the solutions. So, we all need to do what we can. If we are artists and creative people we can use our own special talents, play to our strengths - exceptional art and powerful voices.

FAQ 10 – Isn’t this a bit restrictive for Artists ?

No, it is open to a very wide range of responses, in any art form or any creative media (see 'Show Your Work Here'). A large percentage of creative people all over the world are very busy pursuing their art works on a part-time basis, among all the other pressures of their lives. Many say that while they think deeply about the state of the world in which they live, they do not always consciously channel their thoughts or feelings about the big global concerns into their work.

We understand that, it seems quite normal. However, we invite Artists of all kinds to clearly relate at least one piece of your work to the big global concerns - that is our aim - and this is not restrictive, given the big human predicaments now facing everyone on this planet. It is not too big a challenge. If you think about it for a while (and look at the work in our Main Gallery) ideas may begin to come. We are also giving you the option of using the 'Red Line' idea (real or metaphorical) if you want, maybe to ‘intervene’ in your normal art-making process or to transform something you would normally do ! Or, you might see it as a way of introducing an element of protest or connection or conscience into the sort of art you usually make - there are many options.

We know it can be a stimulating step to take, with lots of creative potential. We are inviting you into an interesting learning process and we know it results in some very good work. We are very keen to show your Red Line Art Work to the world. Your work will automatically be considered for our next Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works, and for our exhibitions in future.

FAQ 11 – What about writing and text ?

That's very welcome at Red Line Art Works. Maybe you have written a short piece (e.g. a poem, or a very short piece with clear relevance to our global themes) or created something graphic, calligraphic, or 3-D with text ? If so, you could either scan or photograph it and then send it to us by Email at redlineartworks@yahoo.co.uk. We will only publish a piece of fictional text if it’s relevant, and reasonably short. Your work will automatically be considered for our next Annual Awards for Red Line Art Works, and for our exhibitions in future.

FAQ 12 - Can I write an article and send it to you for this website ?

Yes, we welcome good and relevant short articles under our headings of Global Concerns or Art & Politics. If you are thinking of writing something, just send it to us by Email or (if you prefer) send us a proposal or outline first (see Contact Us).

Our Email address is : redlineartworks@yahoo.co.uk

Remember : We exist to provide a platform for art works reflecting the big, fundamental common concerns of global humanity, and to inform and support artists and creative people who are making those art works. So, your article should contribute to that. We will always credit your work if we use it on this website, and we will provide a Link to your own website, blog or online presence.

FAQ 13 – Can I contribute some ideas about ‘Global Concerns’ ?

Yes. If you want to write a concise outline of one major concern such as those we have on the Global Concerns page of this website, please keep it very focused (300 words maximum) or we will not be able to use it there. If you want to write or have already written something longer (e.g. an Article), then you are welcome to send us a proposal or description first. For guidance on how to send these to us please see Contact Us. You may not be the only potential contributor on any subject, so we may combine elements from several contributors in any of these concise outlines of Global Concerns. We will credit you if we use your work, and we will provide a Link to your own website, blog or online presence.

FAQ 14 – Can I suggest a Link that is relevant to Red Line Art Works ?

Yes, if its important and very relevant to 'Red Line Art Works', then send it to us (see Contact Us) and we will include it in our Links. If you send us a link relating to a big Global Concern, then please bear in mind that we may not include it in our list because we want to keep the list reasonably short. The Links we already provide will lead you to other Links, and guide you to all the major concerns or issues on the planet, and much more.