About Us

We believe that Artists and Creative people can be the most inspiring and eloquent voices of their generation, of their communities, and of the voiceless and powerless everywhere. We aim to show their work in our Main Gallery on this website, and in Exhibitions. You can see the work of artists from around 45 countries here.

We look for and promote art which focuses on big global issues, big global concerns, big injustices and the problems which these are causing around the world. These problems affect us all - now and into the future. (Read about these Concerns here).

These are art works with a conscience and an ethical ethos. They are both revealing and unifying among artists and audiences worldwide. They evoke common human insights about our world from many different people and places.

We ask today's artists to reflect ethically on our world and the problematic state it is now in.

Throughout past centuries (and in this one) some artists have not been content for their work to remain ‘silent’ on the big issues. We show some examples here). We applaud these and encourage more of today's artists to register the big concerns that today threaten humanity and the planet. These are very big concerns, which affect all of humanity.

We are community-based and not-for-profit. We are not affiliated with, or part of, any political group, political party, corporation or business. We are a global arts project, not a political campaign - our currency is art and creative ideas (see "Our Mission" here).

Red Line Art Works was started in 2012 and is a community-based and not-for-profit voluntary organisation. We are based in Bath, UK.

Chris Greenwood is our Founder and both he and Rita Lazaro are the Curators.

Red Line Art Works' first Exhibition was held in the UNESCO World Heritage City of Bath, in the UK in May / June 2013 (see here for Photos, Visitor Comments and a Review).


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