Show Your Work Here

We invite you to create a piece of art - or contribute an existing piece - in any art form or creative media. It should embody or reflect your concern about the big global issues faced by humanity, and our planet. We promote art with a conscience. We will be pleased to show your work to our global audience in our Main Gallery on this website.

These big global concerns (examples here) are the core themes of Red Line Art Works. So, you might create a piece of work focused on :

(i) something you think is wrong with the world’s dominant political and economic systems
(ii) major global issues which arise from them or the countless other specific problems which arise from them.

You can read 'Our Mission' if you want to quickly understand what we are about. You can see several hundred examples of artist's responses (from around 45 countries) in our Main Gallery.


Send us an Email with a photo or a scan of your art work as an Email Attachment (maximum size 2Mb, but your videos can be bigger). Send it to us at

OR - If you have a piece of video art work and it is already on YouTube or Vimeo (etc) then just send us the link to it (i.e. its URL address). We will then use its 'Embed Code' to show it on this website. Send it to :

OR - if you have a poem or piece of writing then send us an Email with your file (e.g. a 'Word' file) attached. Send it to :

OR - if you have an audio file (of your music or sound) and it is already on Soundcloud, YouTube, Vimeo (or similar) then send us a link to it. We will then use its 'Embed Code' to show it on this website. Send it to :

(For more guidance on the above see Frequently Asked Questions 2 to 5).

With all art works please make sure you also send us : Your Name, your Nationality and a Title for your piece. We also like to add more details (for example : dimensions, the materials or media used, or any other important information about your piece of work).

Lastly, if you tell us the URL for your own Website, Blog or online presence we will add a link to it from this website (see Links).

All work accepted by us will automatically be considered for our annual Awards for Red Line Art Works at the end of the current year. Closing date each year is 31 December


Feel free to follow your usual creative interests and use your talents to create whatever kind of work you want in any art form or creative media you wish. The primary thing is that your piece of work should embody or reflect concern about the big global issues faced by humanity, and our planet. Have a look at our Main Gallery for some examples of art works around these themes.

We are open to all artists, makers, creatives and performers worldwide, in any art form or creative media, for example : Painting, drawing, illustration, photography, graphic design, printmaking, land art, ceramics, literature, music, songs & sound, cartoons, eco art, film & video, murals, installations, sculpture, animation, graffiti, fabrics, performance works of all kinds, etc.

This is an invitation to your creativity, your ingenuity, your insight and your observation of our world. Your creative options are wide open. See Frequently Asked Questions for more about this. We want you to express your unique artistic or creative voice - and we will put it on show here for the world to see.

REMEMBER : Today's world presents a set of very big global concerns that no previous generation of artists have had to face. So, what can we do to avoid future generations saying about us : 'Those artists and creative people knew that the world's major problems were growing, but they did not reflect this enough in their work - What were they doing, what were they thinking ?’


It absolutely must be your own work because we don’t want any conflicts with other people’s intellectual property rights.

• Your piece might be...

...Conceptual, symbolic, naturalistic, dramatic, figurative, abstract, graphic, serious, humorous, etc. You might respond to something in your external world, or something personal or emotional – or a combination. You are free to make a new piece of work or adapt/extend an existing piece.

• Think about the biggest issues facing humanity and our planet...

...which are at the root of countless other problems around the world (see Global Concerns for some thoughts). You might come up with ideas or images that are similar to other people. This is a global project, so those slightly different strands and insights from different people and places are part of what is fascinating - and they reflect the growing global awareness we want to highlight.

• How you interpret this brief is up to you and your creativity...

...For example, if you are a writer then maybe you might include the idea of a real or metaphorical 'red line', if you wish. If you are a musician, then maybe you could include this idea in a title or lyric, or maybe in your artwork or video. Whatever your art form, if you want a few prompts to get you thinking, have a look in the Main Gallery and see what others have created.

• We want you to look at our problematic world with an ethical vision...

...We live in a world in which we are all constantly assaulted by imagery and messages pushing us all to be individual consumers, and very little pushing us to be fully fledged responsible citizens of the world, part of the collective of humanity. Here is your chance to do the latter in your art work.

• What we want from you are pieces of your work that we can show to the world on this website...

...For example photos, scans, videos, text, music, sound - in any form that will work on this website. Please send these to us by Email at

Lastly, if you know other creative people then please invite them to create (or contribute) a piece for Red Line Art Works, and pass on this website address : Many thanks.