Message To All Our Friends



1. The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic affecting humanity is now disrupting every part of personal, national and international life. These are anxious and stressful times. It is a disaster exacerbated by dysfunctional political systems which are amplifying all the social, economic and ecological injustices which we highlight here in Red Line Art Works.

2. We are all trying to adjust to the physical, emotional and economic impacts. Ahead of us all there are now challenging times - perhaps a year, or even more, before things improve. Sadly, the worst effects are likely to be in poorer countries, or places where there are weakened or no health services, and those richer countries where the leadership and governance is bad.

3. We hope that wherever you are in the world you, your family, and loved ones all stay healthy and safe throughout these unprecedented times. We are all self-isolating, keeping social distance, looking at our own vulnerabilities and those of people around us. Please include regular acts of care and kindness in your new normality.

4. We are all likely to be feeling under pressure but please remember (when you can) to lift your eyes to look ahead at the horizon, and beyond. As far as you can, deal with the new pattern of restrictions by building new, creative and productive rhythms into your life.


5. As a global project we applaud the extraordinary bravery of the tens of millions of nurses, doctors, health staff, volunteers and other key workers around the world who are now on the frontline of this Pandemic. Most are short of vital protection, tests and equipment but they are still showing up for work each day, putting themselves in danger and saving lives all over the world.

6. These dedicated people are using their skills, making sacrifices and risking their own health for the benefit of the rest of us. Their heroic contribution must be recognised and acknowledged, not only now but also as our societies recover from this emergency. When this is over it will be necessary to press the 'Reset' button on our societies. We must ensure these are Reset to new and better conditions, not simply allowed to resume the old injustices.

7. The health worker's professionalism puts to shame the many politicians, governments and institutions who have already failed this test. For example, around the world many of the latter have (for decades) been denigrating all public services and dismantling or starving public health services under the deadly ideology of 'Neoliberal Capitalism', the globalisation of 'Free Trade', 'Free Markets' or 'Austerity'. Many have never had any intention of putting in place effective public health infrastrutures to serve their citizens. Please remember : Good health, medical and social services through all stages of life are basic human rights for all (see : U.N. 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights', para 25.1).

8. These brave health workers also put to shame those politicians who have been slow to prepare our societies properly since the onset of Covid-19 was known in January 2020. Too many governments had as their long term priority the subsidising of businesses and corporations. They have been dismissive of investing public money in public services to support citizens, including in health and care services. In 2020 they have been quick to continue handing over more $Billions or $Trillions of public money, under the guise of an emergency 'economic stimulus', to help big business and corporations continue with their planet-destroying activities, to get even richer, to expand already extreme inequality.

9. This reflects the long term pattern, which includes the appalling fact that for decades citizens worldwide have had to continually fight our own leaders and governments to end their criminal policies and try to avoid the 6th mass extinction which is (sadly) well underway. Our climate and ecological emergency remains as grave as ever.


10. After all this we cannot go back to the previous 'normality'. We have to stick together, and keep our eyes on the big interlocking global concerns which urgently need fixing. This is a decisive moment for humanity and our planet.

11. One thing is now very clear : The scale and speed of the changes (whether effective or not) which have been rushed into place in response to coronavirus show that all the big global concerns CAN be tackled and solved more swiftly than politicians ever tell us. It has never been a matter of resources or anything else, it is a matter of resolve and priorities. The old denials are now dead.

12. From this comes a strong new sense of possibilities. For example, it is nonsense for anyone to claim that we cannot achieve a zero-carbon economy swiftly, or that poverty cannot be urgently removed across the world as a global priority. The current wave of actions to cope with the Covid-19 emergency show that big fundamental systemic changes are possible, and fast. A rapid global green transition with justice at its heart is badly needed. We lack nothing, except the will.


13. Policies and decisions made by the powerful have always been made in the interests of the powerful - even when they make no sense or defy science and simple logic. However, the power of corporations and the wealthy can be reduced and then ended. Tax abuse can be ended, public money can be used to build the strength of communities and societies everywhere - instead of being siphoned off to further enrich the already wealthy. Effective and universal public health and other public services are affordable and can be established everywhere. We should be funding healthcare not warfare.

14. For example, the many $Trillions hidden away in Tax Havens alone could provide permanent free health services - and more - throughout the world for many years. Right now the 19,000 children who die each day (yes, this has been happening every day for many years) from 'preventable causes' (source : UNESCO) could actually live full lives. But this will never be done unless a much better political infrastructure is put in place to markedly improve governance at both national levels and at the global level, based on justice for all so that current levels of inequality, powerlessness and poverty are ended permanently across the world - and quickly.

15. In order to solve such big problems, humanity needs to put in place far better politicians, policies and governments, and better international bodies - all must be more interested in the planet, people and communities than in profits. In this challenging moment we must not let them continue to run toxic policies, to erode democracy, to normalise gross injustices or autocracy. The status quo is not nearly good enough. This is a fork in the road. The future will emerge from and be made from this moment.

16. As you know, Red Line Art Works is a global arts project, not a political campaign. However, art and creative ideas are our currency - with a clear focus on the big global issues. We provide a global platform for artists to critique what needs to be critiqued - and all over the world they are doing this (see our Main Gallery).


17. If you are an artist or creative person, your art and your strengths are now needed as never before. We hope that after taking care of the needs of yourself and those closest, you can find some time to create art works and send them to us. Red Line Art Works will keep giving you this global platform, to critique what needs to be critiqued, to inspire our global audience.

18. We work to amplify the reach and effect of your art works. By promoting solidarity and co-operation in all forms among artists and activists, we try to make these intolerable times a little more tolerable. You and your art works are instruments of inspiration and signals of hope.

19. This website is here to help if you want to use it, for example :

• Find some time to go through the inspiring Quotations here - they can sharpen your ethical 'edge'

• Absorb the wise words of Chief Seattle (from 1854) and see just how relevant they are for today

• Check out some of the Artists from the past who have stood up to be counted in very difficult times

• Look through our Main Gallery to see what artists globally are now thinking and doing in their art works.

20. Please take care of yourselves, of each other and of those around you. We send our best wishes to you and your loved ones. Keep a clear mind, hang on to the positives and stay strong. When you can find time, please share with us what you think and what you create. And please let us know if anything we are doing helps or inspires.

Best wishes to all of you

Chris Greenwood
Founder & Curator of Red Line Art Works
March 2020