The Middle East : Renaissance or Fall ? (Video) - by Theatre of Wrong Decisions (Netherlands)

Video (0.35 mins), 2020.

Theatre of Wrong Decisions (ToWD) : "We are a small collective of artists in the Netherlands, fusing visual arts and theatre. ToWD creates clay sculptures placed into short video productions critically responding to highly controversial and sensitive issues in today’s world. The video clips are closely linked to similar situations in Shakespeare’s plays.

By using Shakespearean quotes ToWD are putting current issues of moral concern into a universal perspective. The Middle East is the setting for a new season of Game of Despots."

In January 2020 Trump (US) and Netanyahu (Israel) launched their new 'Deal/Fraud of the Century'. At the time, Trump was being Impeached in the US and Netanyahu was facing very serious corruption charges in Israel. Their Deal/Fraud was counter to United Nations Resolutions, International Laws and a flagrant abuse of truth and reality in the Middle East. It was comprehensively rejected not only by Palestine but also across the world.