Wadlu-gnana (Video) - by Judith Parrot (Scotland)

Judith : "This Video (duration 11.07 mins) is part of the Grounded Series and was made in the deserts of central Australia. It addresses issues around the marginalisation of the Aboriginal people of Australia, their loss of land and language, and how their way of life has been destroyed by a culture with little respect for land and environment. The consequences of this have been devastating for the Aboriginal people and for the environment."

Judith : "Wadlu-gnana was produced as part of the 'Grounded' exhibition, a commission by Glasgow Life and shown first during Festival 2014 in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Grounded then toured in Australia from 2015 to 2019 reaching 18,110 visitors.

The Australian Aboriginal song on this soundtrack is from the CD "Dreaming Songs of the Warumungu Women" and provided with their kind permission and that of Papulu Apparr-kari."

More about the exhibition (and a Blog about it) can be found via Judith's website (Link here).