Why Cannot Our Leaders Grow Up ? - by Theatre of Wrong Decisions (Netherlands)

Video (0.48 mins), 2019.

Theatre of Wrong Decisions (ToWD) : "We are a small collective of artists in the Netherlands, fusing visual arts and theatre. ToWD creates clay sculptures placed into short video productions critically responding to highly controversial and sensitive issues in today’s world. The video clips are closely linked to similar situations in Shakespeare’s plays. By using Shakespearean quotes ToWD are putting current issues of moral concern into a universal perspective.

So far the 8-year war in Syria has claimed over 570,000 lives. Genocide was committed on the Yezidis. Together with The International Coalition the Kurds played a major role in pushing back IS. They lost more than 12,000 fighters but are now being betrayed by the same coalition. World leaders are redefining their spheres of influence without any respect for the citizens. What kind of game is this?"