Monument for Murdered Authors and Journalists - by Theatre of Wrong Decisions (Netherlands)

Video (1.29 mins).

Theatre of Wrong Decisions (ToWD) is a small collective of artists in the Netherlands.

ToWD : "Over 1700 authors and journalists have been killed in the course of their duties since 1992. Yesterday, 16 January 2019, the Ghanaian journalist Ahmed Hussein-Suale was shot dead.

The initiators wish to draw your attention to the enormous risks which these professionals run in order to keep the world informed about abuse and social evils. In a non-violent way they are engaged in a bitter struggle to get at the truth. All over the world they do battle in various ways and in a diversity of cultures and situations. And all this because they are working for a better world.

We take our hats off in honour of their courage and professionalism in times of trouble and unrest. With this digital monument, which will be published online four times a year, the associated organizations below pay a worthy tribute to these courageous authors and journalists worldwide" :

• CPJ (Committee to Protect Journalists)
• PEN International
• Oxfam
• Novib Writers Unlimited
• Theatre of Wrong Decisions

Red Line Art Works congratulates these initiators and fully supports their message.

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