Can a referendum mean the end of democracy ? (Video) - by Theatre of Wrong Decisions (Netherlands)


Theatre of Wrong Decisions (ToWD) is a small collective of artists in the Netherlands.

ToWD : "Theatre of Wrong Decisions can be briefly described as a fusion of visual arts and theatre. It manifests itself in short video productions critically responding to highly controversial and sensitive issues in today’s world. The video clips are closely linked to similar situations in Shakespeare’s plays. By using Shakespearean quotes the participants of ToWD are putting current issues of moral concern into a universal perspective.

A ‘Yes’ vote in the Turkish referendum on 16 April 2016 means a radical change in the Turkish constitution. The president will become the head of the government and the role of prime minister will be scrapped. From then on Mr Erdogan will be the executive leader of the country’s government, appointing all cabinet ministers and two-thirds of the country’s senior judges. The president will control both the judiciary and the legislature and he will be commander-in-chief of the most powerful army in Europe (member of NATO). Under the new system Mr Erdogan could stay in office until 2029. Since the coup of 15 July 2016, 165 television channels, press services, newspapers, magazines and publishing houses have been closed down. Turkey has suspended the European Convention on Human Rights indefnitely. After the ‘Yes’ vote, the Turkish regime will resemble states like Saudi Arabia, Zimbabwe, North Korea, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Myanmar."