Rat Race (Video) - by Jörg Walker (Switzerland)

Materials : OnyxMarmor, Rock Crystal, Black Granite. 31 x 22 x 23 cm, 6kg. This is a moving sculpture and you can see the video below.
Jörg : "Our materialist ‘meritocracy’ is getting out of hand. So many end up in this hamster wheel - a treadmill. We are like donkeys driven along by a carrot held to our nose. Only those who are the first, the best and the most successful are worth something, all the others are losers. From the inside it looks like a career ladder, from the outside like a hamster wheel. You strive to work, to earn, to buy things you do not need, with money you do not have, to impress people you do not like. And then at the end of our only life we notice : We lived as if we would never die, to die at the end without ever having lived."