Passage - by John Black (Ireland)

Video, 2016
John : "In exploring the era of centenaries through short video installations, 'This is not the end' and 'Passage' seek to examine historical locations of our industrial past in an attempt to extract vital information that will help shape and construct a better future. To date my work includes a wide variety of media in which I examine power dynamics, the language of communication, place or memory and the effects of creating environments primarily through installation, sculpture and performance.

There is a strong recurrent central theme to all my work, often assisted by historical or anti-authoritarian text that explores areas of class, as well issues surrounding that of the human condition which seeks to unearth and challenge all relationships based on domination and submission, power and control. In doing so, my work pays particular attention to the relationship between the state and its citizens. Through my work I observe and challenge controversial themes from occupation to militarism, human rights and social justice issues surrounding emotive topics relating to areas of social change."