Global Concerns - 10 - Wealth, Power & Corruption

1. These are common factors at the centre of many of the biggest Global Concerns. In too many countries the laws and legal system serve property and wealth, not the needs of the mass of people. Political elites spend a lot of time disguising and hiding their involvements with and subservience to corporate power, to the wealthy, and to rich oligarchs.

2. Linked to this is the massive corruption which exists in many parts of the world. Corruption is quite possibly the world’s biggest industry. This is one reason why economic inequality disfigures so many countries and is increasing, not decreasing. The extremely rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer in most of the world.

3. The corporates, the rich and their political friends demonise Tax at every opportunity. As part of their neoliberalism they also constantly demonise the public services that Tax supports. They even demonise the poor, elderly, sick and vulnerable for whom key public services are absolutely vital, because the vast majority of the world's population will never be able to afford to buy adequate services from the private sector.