Our Mission

1. Artists and creative people can be the most inspiring and eloquent voices of their generation, of their communities, and of the voiceless and powerless everywhere. History shows that artists can clarify, crystallise and communicate things as nobody else does. Art can cross borders, generations and languages.

2. Red Line Art Works is a global Arts project which encourages all artists and creative people worldwide - in any art form or media - to register big global concerns (such as those here) or problems that arise from them. This is art with a conscience.

NOTE : For these global concerns to become a global catastrophe we humans just need to change nothing - continue doing what we are doing now. Anyone who remains silent about this becomes part of the problem. So, we believe in speaking up - specifically through art with a conscience.

3. You might sometimes hear people (for example politicians) say that something is a 'Red Line', beyond which they will not go. That is the way we feel about the current dangerous state of the world into which our so-called 'leaders' (e.g. in politics, economics, the media, etc) have led us. We want a much better world for ourselves and for future generations. So, we want our art works in some way to register OUR Red Lines.

4. We ask Artists and Creative people to reflect ethically on our world and its problematic condition. We invite them to create and show here at least one piece of work which signifies their concern in any way they wish (see ‘Show Your Work Here'). All work we receive is automatically considered for our Annual Awards (more here).

5. We are also actively building the audience for these art works. We promote and draw attention to them by showing them here on our website, in Exhibitions and in other ways. For artists and audiences worldwide Red Line Art Works are evoking common insights, links and connections - among different people and places, across different art forms.

6. Many artists and creative people (past & present) have not been content for their work to remain ‘silent’ on the big issues. They have already registered big global concerns in their work (see examples here). Red Line Art Works encourages more of this. However, we are a global Arts project, not a political campaign. Our currency is art and creative ideas – with a clear focus on the big issues facing humanity.

7. Red Line Art Works is a global Arts project at a time in history when humanity faces a massive set of urgent global concerns mainly stemming from (or made worse by) neoliberal capitalism or communism.

8. Previous generations of artists (or some of them) have faced up to big issues in their art work (see examples here). Not all of today's artists want to do this, even though humanity faces an unprecedented set of big global concerns. The art world offers a wonderfully diverse spectrum of work from across all cultures and we like that. But our purpose is more specific - we promote art with a conscience.

9. Here are just a few of today's big concerns : Climate change, growing inequality, billions living in poverty, democracies that do not work for the mass of people, undemocratic concentrations of political and economic power, corporate capitalism which destabilises and reverses democracy, a variety of major injustices and oppressions, failures of the major powers, financial instability, and weakness of our international institutions, etc.

10. All of these are decades-long trends that are getting worse. And they are all connected - we only have one world.

11. The world’s dominant political and economic systems have fundamental systemic problems. These are driven by the self-interests of the wealthy and privileged global minority and the greed for more wealth. These same interests are closely 'served' by a large part of the western art world. It is a great pity that some artists are blind to this enormous reality and history will not judge them well. Red Line Art Works is a home for art and artists that are not blind to the dangerous state of the world, who have the intelligence and wisdom to reflect critically, and the courage to make art with a conscience.

12. Without big system changes, all the major global issues, wars, conflicts, climate change, financial instability, poverty, famines, etc will continually arise from the current system. The Status Quo is not an option if humanity is to survive.

For example, as the protest slogan says, we need : 'SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE'.

13. These big systemic problems generate countless other problems around the world which hold back real progress. Indeed, it is even worse than that, because most of those in power and in control of the neoliberal global economy do not support the real progress so desperately needed by the planet or by billions of the world’s population. Those already privileged think no further than keeping (and, if possible, enlarging) their own wealth, control and power. Their decisions mean we are all now in a worldwide, uncontrolled and dangerous experiment with the future of the planet's ecosystem and the degradation of life on it - including our lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren !

14. Understanding these issues and identifying the responsibility for what is wrong is more important now than ever before. Why ? Because its obvious that the ‘leaders’ of our political and economic systems are not changing course. They are a big part of the problem, not the solution. Its clear they have no intention of making the scale and type of changes needed to stop these problems getting worse. So, those in politics, corporations, finance and the mainstream media are failing all of us, and future generations - massively.

15. But the rest of us should also take some responsibility : (a) For allowing the world’s biggest problems to build up, (b) For not holding our politicians and other 'leaders' to account earlier, and (c) For not demanding strongly enough that big system changes are made without delay. If we are artists or creative people we should take responsibility if we keep quiet in this situation.

16. So far many people have only partly awoken to this, and to the fact that we are the only Guardians of the future of our world, ourselves and our descendants. If we continue as now then they will look back (if they get the chance) and curse our generations for sitting on the world's big problems, and for failing to act when we knew that we should change direction.

17. Life on our planet, including for us humans, does not look very good if our world goes on running as it does now. Big things have to change - big things that most of those ‘in control’ and in power claim are unchangeable. So, some new thinking is needed – especially by those billions of us who are the victims of systems run by and for the powerful and privileged tiny global minority.

Red Line Art Works believes that this is an era when artists and creative people can contribute to a more positive future, through their exceptional voices and powerful art.